Google Continues To Use Manual Controls To Deliver Search Results

Google has reported that it continues to use manual search controls along with automated search algorithms to improve search results, despite online rumours to the contrary.

The company reacted to an anonymous post on the blog owned by entrepreneur Jason Calacanis, which suggested that Google had frozen its manual search functions as it faces anti-trust investigations from governments.

The post did not say who the author of the story was but its link was later tweeted by Calacanis.

“This report is completely unfounded and false, and nothing has changed in our approach," a Google spokeswomen said in a statement, The Register reports.

"Computer algorithms are the most scalable way to deliver relevant results. However, manual controls are necessary to improve the user experience in very limited cases, such as security concerns, legal issues and spam," she added.

Meanwhile, Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s search team took to Twitter to deny the story, and Google’s Public Policy team also refuted the story that was posted on Calanicus’s blog.

Google is currently being investigated by regulators to see whether the company is using its search engine near-monopoly to undermine competition.