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Google Includes Flight Information In Search Results

Users will now be able to search real-time flight schedules from Google’s search engine, allowing them to find the shortest direct and non-direct flights to anywhere in the world.

In a blog post, Google said that users will be able to get a quick summary of the flights to their destination right on the search results page.

“One of the first things you might do is go online and start looking for flights. In fact, finding flights is one of the most popular online activities, so to make it a little easier to find results for your travel-related searches, you can now see a quick summary of flight information right on the results page,” Google said.

If users have a particular destination in mind, they will be able to find out which airlines run flights to the destination and what time they take off.

Google also said that users will be able to search for flights to all destinations from a particular airport. Users will be able to see which airlines are offering flights to which destination and at what time, from a particular airport.

The company said that the new search function does not incorporate the ITA Software flight data yet, but it plans to integrate it as the service expands. Google completed the multi-billion dollar acquisition of ITA Software last month.