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Intel Introduces The Ultrabook, A Real Threat To The iPad

Intel has revealed information about the new Ultrabook range, a thinner and lighter laptop series somehow similar to the iPad and MacBook Air, Apple Insider (opens in new tab) reports.

Ultrabooks will be a combination between the functionalities of a laptop and the features of a tablet in a "thin, light and elegant design,” Sean Maloney, Intel’s Executive Vice President explained.

Intel is hoping to reach a 40% share of the consumer laptop market with its Ultrabooks by 2012, Maloney added. The device will be less than 20 mm thick and will have a price tag under $1000.

Ultrabooks will run on the Sandy Bridge architecture in the beginning but will then switch to Ivy Bridge processors after June 2012. Intel also plans to use the Haswell processors from 2013 which will decrease the microprocessor power to "half of today's design point."

Ultrabooks are somehow similar to Apple’s MacBook Air or "the future of the MacBook" as Apple calls it. Steve Jobs stated last year that the MacBook Air design has been inspired by the iPad’s instant-on capability and battery standby time.

Intel is also planning to continuously update its Atom processor commenting that "the Atom processor will outpace Moore's Law, accelerating from 32nm through 22nm to 14nm within 3 successive years."

Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina

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