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Leaked Photo Shows New Android Phone Without Buttons

Leaked images of the upcoming Nexus 3 smartphone that surfaced across the Web have revealed that unlike its older siblings, the phone have any physical buttons.

The story was broken by Tech Hog, which showed a picture of the new smartphone, but the story was removed later in the day.

The Nexus 3 will be powered by the new Ice Cream Sandwich version of the Android Honeycomb operating system, which was designed primarily for Tablet PCs. However, according to experts, the inclusion of the Honeycomb will enhance the touchscreen capabilities of the phone to a great extent. Probably that’s why the company decided to exclude the physical buttons as everything a user would need, can solely be provided by this high-end touchscreen, Top10 reports.

The leaked images also gave away information about some other key features. The front facing, high-resolution camera appears to be placed on the top-left corner of the phone. There are also reports of the phone going through extensive testing on both HSPA+ and CDMA networks.

Before the leak there had been speculation that LG was developing the Nexus 3, but there now seems to be a high probability that HTC will be manufacturing the new phone.