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Lenovo Claims LePad A Huge Hit In China, PC Market To Grow

Lenovo has informed that the high demand of its LePad tablet PC device in China has led to a massive product shortage.

Yang Yuanqing, the company’s CEO, told Chinese media that the company was optimistic about the demand with which the LePad has met in China. The company expects to increase its tablet PC market share in China to be at 20 percent by the end of this year.

This would allow the company to be in direct competition with Apple, which has a 78.3 percent market share in China. Samsung has a 5.1 percent in the market.

The CEO told reporters that the company will build on the success of the LePad to launch a series of ThinkPad branded tablet devices for commercial users in the next few months.

Lenovo has been able to take advantage of the fast growing Chinese desktop market, with the company tripling its fourth quarter revenue from $13 million to $42 million. The company said that demand by commercial users and those in emerging markets have been favourable.

Highlighting the growth of the Chinese market, the PC maker said that sales in China had accounted for 46.4 percent of its revenue while sales in the United States and Europe accounted for 35.7 percent.