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List Of Most Expensive iPad Apps Hits $999

The list of the most expensive apps available for Apple’s iPad tablet device has been released, with several $1,000 apps leading the way.

According to a list released by The Most Expensive Journal, there are several $1,000 apps for the tablet that offer the best in what they do.

First up are the $999.99 BarMax CA and BarMax NY for iPad. The applications allow students to prepare themselves for the formidable bar exams in New York and California.

The apps have created a partnership between Harvard lawyers and iPhone developers. The apps come with two months worth of lectures, a task list and calender feature, more than a thousand practice questions and 800 flash cards for revision.

The Apple iPad App Store also features the $999.99 Intuition Control Solo WolfVision, which allows users to control the high-end projection device.

The Alchemist SMS app, which also costs $999.99, has nothing to do with text messages. The app is meant for those in the steel-making and scrap metal industry and allows them to achieve reductions in raw material costs.

The most expensive iPad app list also features the $349.99 MobileCamViewer that allows users to view feeds from six security cameras from a single interface and the $300 MBA Learning Studio. Platinum Edition app that helps students to prepare for MBA exams.