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Microsoft Working On New, Highly Personalisable Search Engine

Microsoft is working hard to develop a personalised search engine, designed to make searching easier and more accurate than it is today.

According to reports, a team of five Microsoft scientists have been assigned to the project and they are working in Cambridge to launch this fully-featured, advanced search engine as soon as possible.

This new search-engine, dubbed Emporia, is reportedly being designed to give a refined search-experience based on individualised restrictions and requirements. Emporia will feature a new feature that will allow it to look into relevant posts on social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Also, while this “personalised” search engine will look for any particular topic, it will also do an in-depth analysis of news streams, forum posts, key categories etc. to check whether or not they should be displayed in the final search results, The Hindu (opens in new tab) reports.

Users can also refine the initial list by opting to follow only certain websites or people. It seems, that Microsoft is eager to launch the new search engine soon to help it fight Google's dominant position in the search market. Microsoft's Bing search engine has made some progress in recent months, but Google still has more than 90 percent of search engine traffic by most estimates.

Emporia is currently available in a beta version as a Windows Phone app.