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Noon News: Bigfoot Video Hot On YouTube, Expensive iPad Applications, New Windows 7 Tablet PC From Gigabyte

A video featuring the elusive mythical creature Bigfoot has received more than half a million hits on YouTube. The creature was allegedly captured on video by one ‘Samantha’ while she was hiking with two of her friends in the wooded area near the Spokane River in Washington. The video was made using an iPhone.

The list of the most expensive apps available for Apple’s iPad tablet device has been released, with several $1,000 apps leading the way. According to a list released by The Most Expensive Journal, there are several $1,000 apps for the tablet that offer the best in what they do.

Huawei has confirmed that it is working on a high end Android Smartphone that will be launched later this year, a move that will see the Chinese manufacturer join the growing ranks of those looking to compete with the Apple iPhone 5.

Microsoft is working hard to develop a personalised search engine, designed to make searching easier and more accurate than it is today. According to reports, a team of five Microsoft scientists have been assigned to the project and they are working in Cambridge to launch this fully-featured, advanced search engine as soon as possible.

Gigabyte has released a new Windows 7-based tablet PC that comes with support for USB 3.0 and an optical drive dock. The company, which unveiled the 10-inch tablet at the Computex trade show, first plans to make the device available in Taiwan followed by a US launch. The tablet will be available for $700 with the optical drive available separately.