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SanDisk Offers New SSD Lines For Tablets, Laptops

SanDisk has made additions to its solid state drive line for tablets and laptops by introducing new models that give improved performance.

The new SSDs, which were unveiled during the Computex trade show in Taipei, come with the SATA III interface and are capable of transferring data to and from PCs at twice the rate of previous models.

The new SanDisk SSDs will be available in two product family lines, PC World reports.

The devices in the U100 SSD line are designed for ultra-thin laptops and offer storage capacities between 8GB and 256GB. The SSDs come with a read speed of up to 450MB per second and write speed of up to 340MB per second.

The speeds are double those offered by P4 SSDs being offered by SanDisk. The company plans to replace the P4 series with the new lines.

The second iSSD line is targeted at tablets and offers storage capacities between 8GB and 128GB. The company said that the SSDs will be able to attach to the tablet’s circuit board. The iSSD line devices offer a maximum read speed of 450MB per second and write speed of up to 160 MB per second.