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UK Declares Cyber Weapons An Integral Part Of Its Armoury

The UK government has begun developing cyber weapons which will be added to the government’s offensive arsenal.

The Cabinet Office and the GCHQ’s Cyber Security Operations Center have already started work while the Ministry of Defence is expected to start contributing soon, The Guardian reports.

Nick Harvey, the minister for armed forces, told the Guardian that cyber weapons are now ‘an integral part of the country's armoury" and that “action in cyberspace will form part of the future battlefield”.

Last year, the government named cyber security a tier one priority in its national security review and allocated an additional £650 million to strengthen the country’s cyber security network.

“Cyber is a new domain but the rules and norms, the logic and the standards that operate in any other domain… translate across into cyberspace,” Harvey told the Guardian.

"I don't think that the existence of a new domain will, in itself, make us any more offensive than we are in any other domain. The legal conventions within which we operate are quite mature and well established."

Many analysts believe that the era of cyber warfare has already started, notably with the use of Stuxnet to attack Iranian nuclear centrifuges.