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Windows Phone To Unveil New Games At E3

Microsoft is expected to unveil new mobile games for its Windows Phone 7 platform at the upcoming E3 conference.

The company has been working hard to get developers and consumers to opt for its revamped platform instead of more popular iOS and Android platform.

Apart from bringing new apps to the platform, Microsoft will be looking to draw crowds at the upcoming event by revealing new games.

According to an article on WM Power User, Ska Studios, an independent game developer for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 platform, has claimed that it has a mysterious surprise in store for gamers at the E3 conference.

The teaser released by the games developers indicates that the company will be releasing new games for the Windows Phone 7 platform.

Microsoft is also expected to announce further gaming capabilities for the platform, including the ability to control Xbox 360 games from the Windows Phone. The company had showcased such features at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Microsoft hopes that populating the Windows Phone Marketplace with games will help attract casual and hardcore gamers to the platform, putting the Windows Phone in a stronger position in the competitive smartphone market.