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AMD Prepares Arrival Of Bulldozer With 9-Series Chipsets

AMD officially launched its 9-series chipsets today in an event at Computex; the chipset family will be a key component of AMD's forthcoming "Scorpius" desktop platform.

The matching processor codenamed Zambezi will be the company's first native eight core CPU and should be released over the next three months.

Zambezi was originally expected to come in June and will compete with Intel's new LGA2011 platform which will come in Q3 2011.

Most motherboard vendors have already got boards with the AMD 990FX chipset on display at Computex and UK distributors like Aria, are already taking preorders for them for as little as £94 (opens in new tab).

Two other chipsets will be available; the 990x and the 970; the latter supports only one graphics card while the 990x series supports two cards.

The 9-series chipset will support both AM3 and AMD3+ processors, up to 14 USB 3.0 ports and SATA 6Gbps support natively, enhanced SSD configurations as well as what it calls "scalable performance" with up to four video cards (or eight GPUs).

What looked like the forthcoming Trinity processor, which will be based on the Bulldozer core, was also presented on stage during the AMD event.

The successor of Llano is expected to come next year and will be flanked by Krishna and Hondo, targeting ultrathin laptops and tablets respectively.

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