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Apple Confirms iCloud, iOS 5, Lion, No iPhone 5 Yet

Apple has confirmed via a press release that Steve Jobs and a team of Apple executives will unveil more details about the company's next generation software at a keynote address on Monday 6th June.

The keynote will focus on the eighth iteration of Mac OS X, otherwise known as Lion, iOS 5, the next version of the OS that powers the iPad, the iPhone and the iPod Touch, as well as the iCloud which is Apple's forthcoming cloud services offering.

It looks therefore likely that Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference will be focused almost exclusively on software and will not see the launch of the iPhone 5 or the 4S. However, as Matt Burns from Crunchgear posits, Apple hasn't done anything similar in the past.

This could either mean that Apple doesn't have much to show or has so much on its plate that it felt compelled to announce some of it ahead of a seemingly very busy WWDC.

Of the three announcements made, the iCloud appears to be the most interesting one. We suspect that it will be something similar to Amazon's Web Services but more elegant; that includes the ability to store movies, files, music, ebooks and more. Also Expect the iCloud to have very deep ties with the iOS and Lion.