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Apple Security Update Released, Deals With MacDefender Malware

Apple dished out a new security update for its Mac operating system that deals with the menacing MacDefender malware.

The MacDefender malware posses as a legitimate anti-virus for the Mac platform and dupes users into installing it giving out fake warnings about their system being infected.

Apple updated the security on the Mac platform by issuing the Security Update 2011-003 on Tuesday that allows Mac OS X to detect the MacDefender malware on an infected system and remove it. The update is designed to detect variants of the malware as well.

Once the malware has been removed from the system, the OS will automatically detect and block the next MacDefender attack on the systems. It will also notify users about the attack.

“Security Update 2011-003 provides additional protection by checking for the MacDefender malware and its known variants. If MacDefender malware is found, the system will quit this malware, delete any persistent files, and correct any modifications made to configuration or login files.” Apple said in an advisory.

Similar to the Windows version of the exploit, Mac users are redirected to a rogue web page that pretends to scan their systems for viruses. Naturally, the web page informs users that their system is infected and prompts them to install the MacDefender malware.