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Google Expected To Launch 'Plus One' Button Today

Google is expected to launch its ‘+1’ service today, which will allow web surfers to ‘like’ a particular web page.

The service, pronounced ‘Plus One’, is similar to Facebook’s ‘like’ button, which is used by its users to show their appreciation for a status, comment or post.

According to TechCrunch (opens in new tab), a Google partner’s PR firm confirmed that the company was preparing to launch the service today.

The company first unveiled the Plus One button in March as a way for users to keep tabs on their searches. Users must to log in to their Google Accounts in order to use the service.

Google will also be able to gauge the Plus One data to home in on a particular user's tastes and preferences in order to serve targeted ads and search results. Partner websites will be able to install the button on their web pages as well.

“Tomorrow we'll be talking about how the +1 button will further help people find and recommend great content across the Web. We'll have more details with our announcement,” Google spokesman Jim Prosser said in a statement to CNET (opens in new tab).

Search personalisation is increasingly popular, despite criticism from some people that it creates invisible filters that make it more difficult for people to find new and surprising information online.