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InnoDisk shows off its SATADOM series at Computex

Industrial storage specialist InnoDisk is showing off something quite remarkable at its Nangang stand here at Computex 2011: an ultra-small SSD format it calls SATADOM.

SATADOM, we were told, stands for Serial ATA Disk On Module, and it's the world's smallest solid-state storage device - and yet connects to a standard, full-size SATA connector on any motherboard or controller card.

The smallest device in the range measures just 20.8mm x 32.8mm x 8mm, making it no larger than the SATA connector on the motherboard itself - meaning the unit can be connected directly to the SATA port and left sticking vertically upwards.

The specifications of the drives themselves are respectable, if not exactly cutting-edge: the smallest units range in size from 128MB to 8GB and have 30MB/s read and 25MB/s write bandwidth, while the bulkier units range from 2GB to 32GB and offer a more impressive 125MB/s read and 120MB/s write.

All models in the company's range feature SATA 3.0Gb/s connectivity, and are designed to draw a minimum of power - just 165mA on the D150SV/SH micro-sized range and 200mA on the larger D150QV and D150QH models.

If you're wondering where that power comes from, that's where InnoDisk's cleverness becomes apparent: while the SATADOM units can be powered via a tiny two-pin connector on the side, the company has developed a means of using the seventh pin on the SATA data connector to provide power.

Such an implementation isn't common, but for those manufacturers willing to license the patented technology from InnoDisk it offers a remarkably convenient way of connecting a boot drive to an embedded system.

The SATADOM range is available in Standard and Industrial variants, with the Industrial version capable of operating at temperatures well below freezing. Sadly, the one thing InnoDisk wasn't willing to share was the price - and with industrial customers in mind, you can expect the devices to fetch a pretty penny. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.