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Late News: NHS App Available On iTunes Store, Sony Pulling Plug On PSN Again, Google +1 Probable Launch Today

A NHS Direct app described as ‘nurse in your pocket’ has been launched by Apple. The app has been created by the National Health Service along with developer Mobikats and is now available from the Apple iTunes store. The app claims to provide helpful advice on the symptoms of temporary blindness, RSI and wrist ache that may or may not be associated with excessive Smartphone use, according to thinq_.

Sony is about to pull the plug on PSN again this evening. According to the company, the outage is part of a routine maintenance task but it seems that it has something to do with the recent hack attacks which halted the service for more than a month and sent hordes of PS3 fans scurrying to the shops to trade in for an Xbox 360.

A new report has revealed that at least 24 percent of American adult internet users (19 percent of all adult) used VoIP services such as Skype and Vonage. The report, published by Pew Internet, a leading research firm also revealed that at least 5 percent of these users go online solely to make a call on any given day.

It is expected that Google will launch its ‘+1’ service today, which will allow web surfers to ‘like’ a particular web page. Pronounced ‘Plus One’, the service is similar to Facebook’s ‘like’ button, which is used by its users to show their appreciation for a status, comment or post.

The World Health Organisation has categorised mobile phones as a ‘possible carcinogen’ alongside lead and chloroform. The WHO panel comprising of 31 scientists from 14 companies met for a week to examine evidence in order to determine whether cellphone usage can cause cancer. The team found enough evidence to label mobile phones as a ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’.

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