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Mesh Goes Into Administration. Who Is To Blame?

Once a reputed name in the Computer manufacturing market, Mesh Computers based in London, is finally going into administration, new reports claimed.

According to reports, trading of the company came to a halt on May 31st, almost the same time when MacIntyre Hudson, the administrator of the company reportedly sold all of its businesses to the distribution house PC Peripherals.

However, the company website was acting as usual till this writing, and appeared to be continuing with accepting orders.

The news came as a shock to quite a many in the industry apparently, there was not much wrong doing on the company’s part to deserve this bleak fate, at least not when it came to selling their desktop PCs with reasonable offerings.

Probably it was the rise of the laptop industry, rather than anything else that resulted in this untimely death for Mesh Computers.

Matt Egan of website PC Advisor also highlighted on the same point when he quoted PC Advisor’s forum editor as saying (opens in new tab), "You only have to cross the road from Mesh to the Staples corner branch of PC World to see the problem. The store is a sea of laptops - mostly big name brands.”

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