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Microsoft Accused Of Being Overcontrolling By Manufacturers

Manufacturers are not happy with the restrictions Microsoft is putting on processors for tablets that will run the upcoming Windows OS, Acer has said.

Microsoft is currently developing a new version of Windows, called Windows 8, which will be designed to run on both desktops and tablets.

Speaking at the Computex trade show in Taipei, Acer Chairman and Chief Executive Officer J.T. Wang said that Microsoft was exercising excessive control over processor makers for the Windows 8 tablets.

“They’re really controlling the whole thing, the whole process,” Wang said, adding that chip and device makers “all feel it’s very troublesome,” Bloomberg (opens in new tab)reports.

The software giant is expected to reveal the next version of Windows, which will work on both Intel and ARM chips, sometime this week. Windows President Steven Sinofsky is expected to speak at the All Things D conference while Vice President Steve Guggenheimer will take the stage at the Computex trade show.

The platform, acknowledged by CEO Steve Ballmer as Windows 8, will come with support for touch and voice input.

On the other hand, Microsoft back-pedaled after Ballmer's remarks, saying that there was no official timeline for the release of Windows 8.