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Microsoft Adds Panoramic View To Bing StreetSide

Microsoft has updated the Streetside feature on Bing Maps which now comes with sharper images and a panoramic view mode.

In a blog post (opens in new tab), the company explained that users had previously had to navigate across a street by using ‘bubbles’ or 360 degree views which made it difficult for users to view a larger area.

Microsoft said that Streetside users will now be able to see a panoramic view of an entire city block. They will be able to slide the imagery sideways to explore the area, getting vital information like street names, business listings and storefronts.

A strip on top of the pananormic image will show where the area is located on Bing Maps while a strip at the bottom will show street names, bus stops and other related information.

The Streetside service, which is available on only on desktops, is Microsoft’s answer to Google's StreetView service which comes with Google Maps.

“This new style, on the other hand, keeps the immersive experience but adds smooth left/right panning navigation that makes it easy to find what’s nearby more quickly. The street flows by as a series of smooth ground-level photographs so now you simply pan up and down the street to see the neighborhood and find what you are looking for,” Microsoft said.