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Microsoft Hires Patent-Troll Watchdog Group

Patent watchdog Article One Partner, which recently uncovered its new service designed to bust deceptive software patents, has revealed that the tech giant Microsoft is its first client.

This new service, dubbed Litigation Avoidance is a paid service which will help businesses to discover specious patent claims by patent trolls, which are not yet the subject of an active lawsuit.

“Our clients are working with us to identify patents of potential low quality," said Cheryl Milone, the CEO and founder of Article One Partner, ComputerWorld (opens in new tab)reports.

She explained that upon detecting a potentially low-quality patent, this new service will immediately send a re-examination request to the US Patent and Trademark Office.

This tactic, according to many industry observers, could help reduce the number of deceptive patents that stand in the way of a healthy and competitive market.

"Litigation Avoidance addresses the perfect storm resulting from increased NPE activity combined with serious patent quality questions and an overtaxed USPTO," said Milone.

Raising her concerns about the wide range of NPE lawsuits, Milone said the matter needs to be tackled from multiple sides including the court system, which should help defend companies against bad patents.