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MSI To Fight iPad 2 With $299 10-inch Android Tablet

MSI has revealed two new Android tablets at Computex, a 10-inch and a smaller 7-inch model with capacitive screens for $299 and $199 respectively called the Enjoy.

The tablets were showed to a selected group of Computex attendees and were running Android 2.3 Gingerbread although the final versions are expected to run on Honeycomb at launch.

While they are not as thin or as light as the iPad 2, the low cost of the tablet is expected to entice customers and close the gap on more expensive tablets like the Motorola XOOM, the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the HP Touchpad, and the flurry of no name brand tablets.

Both Enjoy tablets will run on a 1.2GHz SoC based on the Cortex A8 which could either be the OMAP3640, the Samsung S5PV210 or the Freescale iMX515.

Interestingly, the bigger 10-inch model has an XGA resolution like the iPad 2. There will be a front facing and rear camera, 4GB onboard storage expandable to 32GB, mini USB and mini HDMI ports as well as built-in accelerometer but no 3G.

Sadly the device will only have have a six hours battery life on full charge compared to nearly 10 for the iPad 2. Ironically, the Enjoy 10 weighs nearly a third more than Apple's tablet.

We will try to find out more about these tablets tomorrow, more specifically regarding when they will be released in the UK and at what price.

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