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Nearly One Quarter Of Americans Use VoIP

At least 24 percent of American adult internet users (19 percent of all adult) used VoIP services such as Skype and Vonage.

The report (opens in new tab), published by Pew Internet, a leading research firm also revealed that at least 5 percent of these users go online solely to make a call on any given day.

The figure has undergone significant growth since 2007, when Pew Internet conducted a similar survey. In the 2007 survey 8 percent of internet users, among whom 6 percent were adults, were using VoIP services. The survey in 2007 also registered an average of 2 percent adult users going online everyday specifically to place phone calls.

Highlighting further how VoIP use has grown over the past decade, the report claimed, “At various points during the 2000s we asked similar questions and found that at most about a tenth of internet users had ever used the internet to place calls and the daily figure never rose above 1% of internet users.”

The majority of the participants in the survey were found to be dedicated Skype users by the study, which explains why Microsoft agreed to pay $8.5 billion for VoIP behemoth, a business deal that come analysts have criticised.