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Opera 11.50 Announced, Comes With Password Sync Feature And Bug Fixes

Opera Software has dished out the Beta version of the Opera 11.50 web browser which comes with secure password synchronisation and new Speed Dial extensions.

In a blog post, the company said that beta version came with the browser’s password manager synced with Opera Link, which allows users to sync their preferences and other data across Opera browsers on different desktops and mobiles.

The company had said it had strengthened the security of passwords and users’ Opera Accounts by adding sophisticated data encryption technologies.

Opera explained that when users sent passwords via Opera Link for the first time, the browser generated a long, random key for the passwords and other data. The encryption key is used to encrypt all the data that is sent to the browser.

“What does this mean for your password security? It means that Opera has theoretical access to your data, but in practical terms no single department at Opera does, because your account password is never sent to the Link servers, but to Auth, our authentication service,” Opera explained.

The company said that the new Speed Dial with extensions features will allow developers to give small previews of their websites on the browser’s Speed Dial page.