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Oracle Accuses Montclair State University Of Incompetence

Enterprise software maker Oracle has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a New Jersey university as a ‘misguided ruse’.

The Montclair State University filed a lawsuit against Oracle claiming that the delays caused by the Oracle staff responsible for deploying an ERP solution for the university could exceed the original budget set aside for the solution by more than $20 million.

Oracle filed a counter lawsuit against the university, claiming that it should be paid $5 million for delivering products and services as part of its contract with the university before it got terminated last year.

Oracle said in its filing that the lawsuit was an attempt by the company to hide its own shortcomings and poor managerial decisions that had caused the project to fail.

"When issues arose during the course of the project, it became clear that MSU's leadership did not adequately understand the technology and the steps necessary to complete the project," the Oracle filing said, PC World (opens in new tab)reports.

"Instead of cooperating with Oracle and resolving issues through discussions and collaboration, MSU's project leadership, motivated by their own agenda and fearful of being blamed for delays, escalated manageable differences into major disputes,” it added.

Oracle denied all the allegations made by the university in its lawsuit.