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Rockstar Pass Available For Pre-order On PlayStation Network And Xbox Live

Game publisher Rockstar has released the Rockstar Pass for pre-order on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

The Rockstar Pass is available on PSN for $10 while it could be purchased from Xbox Live for 800 Microsoft points.

The pass, which will be officially launched on June 18, will allow gamers to purchase DLCs for Rockstar’s recently launched L.A Noir game, in which gamers don the role of a detective solving crimes will battling its own demons.

The company claims that buying the Rockstar Pass will allow gamers to get a 50 percent discount from the price of buying the DLCs separately.

Rockstar said that gamers will be able to download two DLCs immediately. The DLCs are 'The Naked City' Vice case and 'A Slip of The Tongue' traffic case. Apart from new cases the DLCs also come with new outfits and badge challenges.

Rockstar plans to release two more DLCs in the coming months. The 'Nicholson Electroplating Disaster' Arson case will be released on June 21 and the 'Reefer Madness' Vice case will be dished out on July 12.