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Sony Will Pull The Plug On PlayStation Network At 16:30 UK Time

Adding insult to injury over the long-term outage of Sony's PlayStation network, the Japanese gaming giant will pull the plug on the gaming platform again this evening.

The company says the outage is in order to carry out routine maintenance but we'd be willing to bet our entire trophy cabinet that it has something to do with the recent hack attacks which borked the service for more than a month and sent hordes of PS3 fans scurrying to the shops to trade in for an Xbox 360.

The network will go down at 4.30 PM UK time today, June 1st and won't be rebooted until 7am tomorrow.

Luckily, gamers who have logged in before then will not be kicked out of their current session, but the no-one will be let in after the deadline.

The PlayStation Store on PS3 and PSP, account registration and account management will also be switched off for the duration according to thinq_