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Steve Ballmer Gets 27 Percent Approval From Employees

A new Microsoft employees survey has reveals that only 27 percent of employees believe that Steve Ballmer is a good CEO.

The survey conducted by revealed that Steve Ballmer’s employee approval has been dropping every quarter since 2008, Geekwire (opens in new tab)reports.

However, as the company only surveyed 50 Microsoft employees, the accuracy of the report could be questioned, though the consistency of the poor results gives the survey some added credibility.

The results of the survey come as Microsoft’s shareholders, along with Hedge fund manager David Einhorn (opens in new tab), are shouting for Ballmer to step down as the CEO of the company, primarily because the companies growth has not led to increasing share prices.

Even though it still produces the most popular operating system in the world, Microsoft has lost half of its share value since the dotcom bubble burst while Apple and Google have given 1000 percent and 400 percent returns respectively, to their sharehlders.

Meanwhile, Intel CEO Paul Otellini received a 94 percent approval rating in the quarterly survey while Apple CEO Steve Jobs received a 97 percent rating. CEOs of other big companies like Cisco and Yahoo received better ratings than Ballmer.