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Tooway Satellite Brings Internet To Rural UK

The KA-SAT satellite launched by Eutelsat Communications has gone online, bringing more broadband options to Europe and the Mediterranean area.

The Tooway service being offered by Eutelsat subsidiary Skylogic will help bring satellite broadband in areas where traditional broadband is not readily available.

The service is expected to offer speeds of up to 10 Mbps to households and up to 40 Mbps to businesses, which can be scaled up to to 50 Mbps in the future.

"We have the entire UK covered, and customers can order the service from today and be up and running within weeks," said Steve Petrie, northern European director for Skylogic, V3 (opens in new tab) reports.

“There are still about 250,000 homes in the UK that can't get anything other than a dial-up internet connection, and many other broadband users can't get more than 2Mbit/s,” he added.

The basic Tooway plan costs 25 pounds per month and offers download speeds of up to 6 Mbps and an upload speed of 1 Mbps. The plan also comes with a 4GB download cap.

The high end plan costs 100 pounds per month and offers 10 Mbps download speeds and 4Mbps upload speeds and comes with a 25GB download limit. Both services also have a one-time installation fee.