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Twitter Introduces ‘Follow’ Button

Twitter has unveiled a new button with the view of making it easier for websites to promote themselves in the massively popular micro-blogging platform.

The new “Follow” button will be of similar nature as the “Like” button for websites introduced by Facebook. According to the company, in the days to come, this new button is likely to come amongst the top ways for websites to “stay connected” with their audience.

"More than 50 sites have added the Follow Button today, making it easy for you to discover the Twitter accounts of your favourite reporters, athletes, celebrities, and other personalities," Twitter said in a blog post.

The blog post also displayed a list of the websites which added this newly introduced button. The list includes the likes of, Yahoo! Local, and, The Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and many more.

"Using the Follow Button is as simple as a single click. You can also see the profile and latest Tweets of the account you want to follow by clicking the username next to the Button," the blog post added.

Meanwhile, Twitter is preparing to launch its own photo sharing software in the upcoming D9 conference.