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Zambezi FX Bulldozer chips given a vague deadline

AMD's Rick Bergman has confirmed that his company's new Bulldozer-based processors - codenamed 'Zambezi' and launching under the FX branding - won't be making it out this month. But he has given a deadline as to when consumers can expect to get their hands on the chips.

With board partners launching multiple AM3+ boards based on AMD's latest 990FX chipset at this year's Computex, it was expected that AMD's press event today would include a Zambezi launch to give the motherboards something to run. Sadly, rumoured performance problems with early-issue silicon have put paid to the company's plans and chips won't be available for at least two months.

Addressing the crowd at the company's Computex press event, Bergman revealed that while the 990FX chipset has officially launched - a momentous occasion somewhat undermined by the appearance on retailers' websites of motherboards featuring the chips significantly before the official unveiling - the chips will take another 60 to 90 days to launch.

The new schedule fits in with the August timescale suggested to us by a source at an AMD board vendor, with some added wiggle-room for the company in case the release hits another hiccough.

With Bulldozer's innovative new architecture expected to bring AMD's chips up to a performance level where they can compete with Intel once more, the launch can't come soon enough for the company. But with motherboards featuring Intel's X79 chipset and LGA-2011 socket - required for compatibility with the company's ultra-high-end Sandy Bridge E CPUs - also appearing on the stands, it's going to be a close race.