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£349.99 Panasonic SC-PT580 Home Cinema System

Your search for the perfect Home Cinema System will eventually come to an end the moment you meet with the Panasonic SC-PT580 Home Cinema System which is a complete home entertainment system.

The SC-PT580 is well capable of providing an amazing 1000 watt output sound through its bamboo cone speakers. The speakers are made of really light and rigid material and this design helps to a great extent while achieving this impressive high quality audio.

The list for the supported media type is really huge, and includes JPEG, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-ROM, MP3, MPEG4, DVD+R, CD-RW, CD-R, CD and many more.

USB interface is included, thus enabling you to play media files straight from a compatible device with USB connectivity.

The sub-woofer output is 250WRMS, while that for the front speaker and the overall system stand at 125 watt and 1000 W respectively. Radio Tuner is also included and comes with 30 pre-set stations (FM).

Included accessories that come with the package are AC cable, speaker cables, remote and batteries. The mateial of the body is metallic in nature and made of plastic.

The Panasonic SC-PT580 Home Cinema System can be purchased from Sainbury’s for £349.99 only.