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AMD's Computex stand is surprisingly off-message

AMD's marketing man Nigel Dessau might have decreed a change of direction for the branding of the Vision platform, but he doesn't appear to have communicated that to his Taiwanese counterparts - or they've ignored his instructions.

While AMD's stand at this year's Computex event in Taipei is varied - with a wall of motherboards for embedded systems to servers and everything in between, a wall of graphics cards, and a plethora of fully-built systems from the company's multifarious partners - its branding is a little off-message.

Yesterday, Nigel Dessau unveiled the 2011 branding for the company's Vision line - removing the 'Premium' and 'Ultimate' superlatives, and replacing them with two-character codes which are, apparently, easier for consumers to understand. Already, the company's partners have gone along with the plan, with MSI in particular being sure to put the latest logo graphics on all its AMD-based products.

Sadly, AMD itself is a trifle more lax, it would seem. The company's stand includes a wealth of laptops and embedded systems based around the Vision platform - and every single one carries the old, 2010-era branding. Worse, there's a stack of leaflets on every stand corner espousing the benefits of brand names such as 'HD Internet', 'Vision Premium', and 'Vision Ultimate' - none of which exist any more.

With Dessau claiming that the company's new branding will help simplify things for customers, it's a shame to see AMD failing to follow through on its promise.