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Apple TV More Important Than The iPad, Netflix CEO Says

Reed Hastings, Netflix’s CEO gave an interview at All Thing Digital’s D9 Conference where he stated (opens in new tab) that the iPad and the iPhone were not very revolutionary devices for streaming video companies.

Instead, Hastings thinks that the Apple TV is indeed a revolutionary tool. “Tablets are not a revolution. The Apple TV is more important to us than the iPad. The big deal for us is Internet connected TVs”, he added.

Hastings believes that TV is the most important thing for video, implying that unlike music streaming, video streaming doesn't work that well on mobile devices. He also revealed some of the plans Netflix has prepared for the future saying "In the coming years, we’ll be on a lot of web TV app stores.”

Video watching on Apple’s mobile products is nice for a while but the form factor makes the experience rather tiresome since users have to hold the tablet upright. Moreover, the experience is not as rewarding as watching video content on HDTV.

Many people are unaware, but Apple TV is gradually changing the manner they perceive and use TV. The digital media receiver plays digital content on HDTV and has been quite successful since it is already available in its second-generation version.

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