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BT Partners With A Chinese Telecom Despite Security Concerns

Despite security concerns, UK telecom giant BT is going ahead with their proposed deal with the Chinese telecom firm ZTE, BT officials announced.

According to BT, they are entering into the deal with ZTE in order to develop new mobile, wireless and fixed-line services.

"We've been very impressed with the knowledge and sophistication of ZTE's team and, by combining our complementary strengths and expertise on a range of research projects, we expect this partnership to be very fruitful for both ourselves and our respective customers," Clive Selley, BT Innovate chief, ZDnet (opens in new tab)reports.

ZTE’s chief technology officer, Xie Daxion also expressed his optimism about this new deal by saying that the company is hoping to form a “close and effective research relationship" with BT.

BT inked the deal in spite of growing fear expressed by the country’s government and intelligence officials over the security risks involved with allowing Chinese telecom firms to operate in the UK.

Just a few months ago intelligence chiefs warned the UK government about Chinese telecom firms’ alleged links with the Chinese government and military, and about their ability to create havoc in case of a deliberate Chinese cyber-invasion.