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Google Releases Source Code For Video Chat Signalling Tech

In order to help developers create a new embedded real-time voice and video chat functionality for web applications, Google has unveiled the source code for a recently acquired technology.

The technology, dubbed Web Real time Communication (WebRTC) was added to Google’s arsenal when it acquired Global IP Solutions, a leading VoIP software developer, last year in 2010, PC World (opens in new tab) reports.

The WebRTC platform is a combination of video and voice signal processing technologies that developers can access through APIs and HTML tags.

Apparently, Google wants to see third party developers use these video and voice engines to bring up chat applications, designed to be operational directly through a browser. Global IP Solutions also introduced mobile clients for iPhone, Android as well as Windows mobile platforms.

This decision by Google to make the WebRTC source codes available for developers, brings back the memories of the time when Google acquired On2, a leading video compression provider. Following the acquisition, the company eventually made available On2’s VP8 video codecs for providing a royalty-free substitute to the massively popular H.264 standard.

Google is currently working with web browsers like Opera and Mozilla to incorporate the technology in to their web-browsers.