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Internet Firms Readying For 'World IPv6 Day' Next Week

As the doomsday for IPv4 is closing in, the preparations for the “World IPv6 Day” are believed to be in full swing with Internet heavyweights such as Facebook, Yahoo and Google agreeing to participate in the celebrations of this anticipated event.

“World IPv6 Day” scheduled on June 8, 2011 is the nickname of the trial-program which will include participants allowing IPv6 traffic on their main websites tomake sure that the new protocol is free of flaws, and is capable of replacing its older sibling IPv4.

"It's an exciting opportunity to take IPv6 for a test flight and try it on for a full 24 hours. Hopefully, we will see positive results from this trial so we will see more IPv6 sooner rather than later,"

Leslie Daigle, Internet Society's Chief Internet Technology Officer said in a statement on NetworkWorld.

The end of the 30 year old IPv4 has been predicted by internet experts for years now, and now that it has finally arrived with just a few blocks of IPv4 addresses left, government, businesses and other organisations are working hard to ensure a smooth transformation process into the IPv6.

The change is necessary because IPv4 does not have enough unique addresses to accommodate the rapidly growing internet.