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iPad Accounts For 0.92% Of Web Browsing Share

The iPad’s web usage is 53 times higher than its nearest Android rival, 9 to 5 Mac (opens in new tab) reports, citing a survey from Net Applications.

The research was done by analyzing browser and OS usage across Net Applications’ 40,000 sites, therefore the figures presented are relative. The iOS currently has the biggest web usage share, but the situation could change as more and more Android devices are launched onto the market.

The iPad comprises nearly 1% (0.92%) of all web browsing. In July 2010, the iPad accounted for only 0.23% of all web browsing, which means the iPad web browsing share has increased fourfold in the last ten months. To compare, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab accounts for 0.018% of all web browsing while Motorola’s Xoom can pride itself with 0.012% of the total web usage share. RIM’s PlayBook has gathered a scanty 0.003% web usage share.

"It is obvious that the iPad is way ahead of its three main competitors. [...] the iPad has 53 times the usage share of its nearest competitor”, Net Applications concluded.

Amassed mobile iOS systems web usage represents 2.38% of all web usage share, while Macs generated a 5.32% web usage ratio. And the leader in web usage share is, of course, Windows with a staggering 88.69 percent.

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