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iPad Is Unbeatable, Other Tablet Manufacturers Think

At least three tablet manufacturers have tried to beat Apple’s iPad without too much success yet. Motorola’s Xoom, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook have been released to bite a chunk off Apple’s market share, but it seems their manufacturers have realised they cannot outsell the iPad.

In light of this tablet manufacturers are even planning to reduce production by 10%, reports suggest (opens in new tab), while analysts perceive the move as “an early dose of reality.”

Due to the iPad 2’s excellent technical and form features, demand has exceeded supply and stock shortages have become common events. Apple should ship 6.75 million iPad units in June, Wall Street experts expect.

Other market predictions say that tablets are swallowing up the netbook market. Tablets could make up 3% of the handset sales and 11% of smartphone sales in 2011, JP Morgan’s analyst Mark Moskowitz suggests. If tablets are considered part of the PC segment, they comprise 32% of desktop sales and 21% of notebook sales, the analyst adds. Moreover, tablets are a "disruptive force" that could axe 21 million PC acquisitions, Goldman Sachs reported in April.

The iPad is a very strong brand, and individual competitors cannot beat it on their own at present, though an alliance between Android operated systems could rule the market.

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