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Lodsys Defies Apple, Presses Suit Against iOS Developers

Patent troll Lodsys has filed lawsuits against several small iOS developers for allegedly infringing on its patent related to in-app purchases.

The company previously sent threatening letters to iOS developers demanding that they pay the company license fees or risk a lengthy, expensive battle in court.

At the behest of the developers, Apple responded to the company’s allegations, saying that it had already licensed four Lodsys patents. Apple said in the letter, sent to both Lodsys and the developers, that the patent licenses cover both iOS and the developers that are using the platform.

However, Lodsys chose to ignore Apple’s stand and filed a lawsuit against the developers anyways.

“Lodsys chose to move its litigation timing to an earlier date than originally planned, in response to Apple’s threat, in order to preserve its legal options,” said Lodsys, Mac Observer (opens in new tab) reports.

Confident that its claims will hold up in court, Lodsys also said that it would pay $1,000 to every developer against whom it has filed a lawsuit if the company loses its case.

“Lodsys offers to pay $1,000 to each entity to whom we have sent an infringement notice for infringement on the iOS platform, or that we send a notice to in the future, if it turns out that the scope of Apple’s existing license rights apply to fully license you with respect to our claim relating to your App on Apple iOS,” the company said.