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Lucid Previews Hybrid Graphics Virtualisation Software At Computex

Lucid has previewed new GPU virtualisation software that supports GPUs offered by both AMD and Intel.

The Computex trade show in Taipei saw the company demonstrating the Vertu Universal software on notebooks, All-in-One devices and desktop PCs running on integrated graphic processors made by AMD and Intel.

According to the company, the Vertu Universal software is based on the LucidLogix Vertu GPU virtualisation software which was designed for Intel Sandy Bridge H61, H67 and Z68-based motherboards .

Lucid said that the software was designed to allocate graphic resources between integrated and discreet GPU systems. The platform has been designed to support Intel’s second generation Core processors and AMD Brazos and Bulldozer platforms.

The Vertu Universal software, Lucid informs, works seamlessly with Intel QuickSync video transcoding and DirectX 11 3D platform to provide a consistent user experience.

Some of the other features that come with the software are unlimited frame rates, the ability to set user defined frame rates, high quality video without tearing and more than 250 percent responsiveness with mouse and keyboard.

“We’ve had an amazing adoption of Virtu on select Intel Sandy Bridge-based systems,” said Offir Remez, president and founder of Lucid on BusinessWire (opens in new tab).

“It was a natural step for us to extend this capability to all Sandy Bridge platforms including notebooks and AiO PCs as well as sharing it with the AMD fanbase.”