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Malware Infection Rate At 5 Percent, Microsoft Reveals

According to recent statistics gathered by Microsoft through its free scanning tool, one in every twenty PCs was infected by malware.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that the average number of malware contained by each infected PC was found to be 3.5, a significant portion of which were the ones that exploited the vulnerabilities in Java.

Microsoft gathered these statistics via its Microsoft Safety Scanner (MSS), a free scanning tool which was recently updated in order equip it with further capabilities when it comes to cleaning malware infection.

The tool expires exactly 10 days after it is downloaded, hence forcing users to download the new and updated version, which also comes absolutely free.

Microsoft recently updated the MSS tool to scan 64 bit Windows systems. The company found that "seven of the top 10 threats are files containing exploits for Java vulnerabilities," as claimed by Joe Faulhaber and Scott Wu at the Microsoft Malware Protection Center, in their blog post.

“During the first seven days of the MSS release, there were close to 420,000 downloads, or 60,000 downloads per day, of the product. It cleaned 20,097 infected computers in total, for users that suspected their computers were infected and downloaded MSS to scan their machines,” the blog post added.