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MSI snags first AMD Sabine-platform Llano

At the Nangang Exhibition Centre, home to a large chunk of the Computex 2011 trade show's exhibitors, we bumped into MSI's Bernadette Wu - and she let us in on a little secret about one of the devices on her company's stand: it's running an as-yet unreleased AMD processor.

A large portion of MSI's stand this year is taken up with the company's all-in-one products - with a selection of both touch- and non-touch-screen units on display. While most are running Intel Atom or Sandy Bridge parts, there's one or two AMD units on display - mostly the company's E-350 embedded APU.

The AE2230, however, is something a little special. The first hint comes from the hastily-applied branding on the front, which matches that unveiled at AMD's press conference yesterday. "This is the first Sabine-based unit to come to market," Wu explained, referring to the name of AMD's supporting platform for Llano - and the A4 branding is clearly evident.

Officially, the AE2230 will be made available with either the A4 3300M or E2 3000M APU models, running at 1.9GHz or 1.8GHz respectively and including integrated Radeon HD 6480 or 6380-class graphics. A quick poke around the demonstration system, however, revealed something a little more special - aside from the AMD A70 chipset.

According to the Windows System information, the demonstration unit AE2230 is running the as-yet unannounced A8 3500M - a model from the top end of AMD's Llano accelerated processing unit range. Featuring four processing cores running at 1.5GHz each, the A8 3500M packs powerful Radeon HD 6620-class graphics running at 444 MHz and with 400 shader units.

It's a seriously powerful part, and one of the jewels in AMD's Llano crown - and with the launch not expected until later this month, offers a sneak preview of what we can expect from AMD's Llano line-up. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.