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North Korea Reportedly Training Cyber Warfare Team Abroad

North Korean government is reportedly sending the country’s best programmers abroad for advanced lessons and to learn latest hacking techniques to boost the communist regime’s cyber warfare capabilities.

According to reports, one Kim Heung-kwang, believed to be a defector from this secretive program, revealed this shocking news at a recently held security conference in Seoul.

Mr. Heung-kwang, who left the country in 2003, (opens in new tab) claimed, “"These prodigies are provided with the best environment, and if they graduate with top grades, their parents in the provinces are given the opportunity to live in Pyongyang," Reuters (opens in new tab)reports.

"After studying at local universities, these students are given the special privilege of continuing their studies abroad," he added.

He also said that the cyber warfare unit of North Korea's Reconnaissance General Bureau has increased the size of its cyber-army from 500 to nearly 3000.

This revelation has drawn plenty of attention, and no doubt some skepticism, especially because of the country’s unpredictable and hostile mindset towards its neighbour South Korea and the US.

Last month South Korea accused the North of perpetrating the attack on its Nonghyup bank networks, which affected millions of customers for over a week.