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Oracle Gives Control Of OpenOffice To Apache

Enterprise database software maker Oracle has donated the OpenOffice productivity suit to The Apache Software Foundation, in what the company says is part of its commitment to the open source community.

Apache's incubator program helps software develop into a full blown, viable platform before being labeled as a community project. Oracle said that donating the platform to the ASF will allow OpenOffice to grow into a mature, well-established productivity environment.

Apparently, Oracle was advised by IBM to donate the platform to the ASF. The move is highly beneficial for the company as it depends on OpenOffice’s Open Document Format (ODF).

"IBM welcomes Oracle's contribution of OpenOffice software to the Apache Software Foundation. We look forward to engaging with other community members to advance the technology beginning with our strong support of the incubation process for OpenOffice at Apache." said Kevin Cavanaugh, Vice President, IBM Collaboration Solutions.

According to an article on The Register (opens in new tab), Oracle ignored the advice given by The Document Foundation and LibreOffice to put the OpenOffice code under the Mozilla Public License/Lesser General Public License and transfer the OpenOffice domain and trademark to The Document Foundation.