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T-Mobile offers more for a tenner

Deutsche Telekom owned mobile phone network T-Mobile has announced three new pay as you go plans, that delivery more from just a £10 a month top up.

T-Mobile has introduced these new pay as you go plans, where adding ten quid a month offers a choice of text, talk or international calling added benefits along with the topped up money.

The T-Mobile text plan delivers an unlimited text message bundle, only in the following month, along with an additional 100 text messages to use straight away.

The talk plan offers 100 free minutes to call any UK mobile or landline phone numbers, for use in the next month, with an extra 25 minutes for the current period - when £10 is added.

The international plan delivers 60 minutes for calling abroad in the following month, with low cost calls and texts to over 60 countries.

T-Mobile pay as you go customers can also add a range of ‘boosters’ to their plan, which arrives in the form of additional minutes, text messages and data allowances.

These new plans are available now to new users, but are also open to existing pay as you go customers too.

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