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Twitter Most Popular With Black People In The US

Twitter is being used by 13 percent of adult web users in the US, up from 8 percent last year, a new Pew Internet report has found.

The report attributed the rise in user base to the fact that the platform has evolved into a hub of information in addition to the vapid banter about people's everyday lives.

The report found that 53 percent of the users were accessing the microblogging service from their desktops while the rest were doing so via mobile devices.

The Pew study delved into the intricacies of twitter use in the US, reporting that 13 percent of men use Twitter versus 11 percent of women in the US. Around 16 percent of Twitter users have gone to college while almost 15 percent live in urban areas. The study also found that around half of US Twitter users earn more than $50,000 every year.

The report also revealed that in May 2011, there were 16 percent more African-American users on Twitter than white users. The gap was at 8 percent six months ago.

“As in our previous research on Twitter use, African Americans and Latinos continue to have high rates of adoption of the service. Fully 25% of online African Americans use Twitter at least occasionally, with 11% doing so on a typical day,” Pew reported (opens in new tab).