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Virgin Media offers half a year mobile surfing voucher

Entertainment giant Virgin Media has created a voucher for their pay as you go SIM card owners, which includes six months of mobile broadband usage for just £25.

Virgin Media’s pay-as-you-go Addict SIM now offers the ability to buy a prepay mobile web voucher, which delivers half a years of all-inclusive mobile web access.

The voucher provides a 6GB data allowance, of 1GB a month, for any type of web surfing, Facebook access, tweeting for the whole duration of the deal – where going over that limit incurs a cost.

Once purchased, the voucher can be activated whenever the Virgin pay as you go user needs six months of continuous mobile web access. Customers can check their usage by calling, visiting the website, text messaging or from an Android app.

This offer is available from June 1st 2011 until Jan 3rd 2012. When the six month period comes to an end, customers will have access to a range of options that include 1GB mobile web access included with a £15 top up, purchasing a 1GB mobile web pass for £5 per month or default to the daily rate of 30p per day for 25MB of usage.

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Rob Kerr
Rob Kerr

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