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What Should Users Expect To See In iOS 5?

At the WWDC Apple will unveil the enhancements to iOS 5 which there has been speculation about. With just a few days to go some people are already suggesting the iOS 5 will bring iCloud support, improved widgets and over-the-air updates.

Unlike the Android systems, the iOS has too many static widgets that do not update constantly. Apple should add widget support for email, messages, phone functions and social networking services, although the iOS architecture makes the integration of these widgets difficult, Information Week (opens in new tab) points out.

Apple should try and make available over-the-air updates and not just limit updates to iTunes. The company could hammer out a deal with AT&T and Verizon to provide smaller updates directly to Apple’s devices, 9 to 5 Mac suggests.

iCloud is another service that could be released alongside iOS 5. Customers could use iCloud to stream media content from Apple’s cloud and thus free up their gadgets’ resources and memory. People have been expecting Apple to bring forth such a service ever since the company purchased Lala, the streaming music service in 2009.

Some of the above mentioned improvements are indeed necessary because Android systems already offer powerful widgets, over-the-air updates and the like.

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