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Acer Iconia M500 Tablet To Run MeeGo On Atom

Acer has announced that it will launch a third Iconia tablet, the M500, which is the first of the M-series and comes after the A500 and the W500, both of which were unveiled this year at Cebit.

Interestingly, the M500 runs on a third pair of CPU & OS; this time, it's an Intel (Moorestown) Atom with Intel's own MeeGo. The A500 is powered by a Tegra chip with Android Honeycomb while the W500 comes with an AMD Brazos C-50 coupled with Microsoft's Windows 7.

Engadget says that the MeeGo OS will be skinned with an Acer user interface that offers instant access to "things you care about" and a navigation that involves an "Acer Circle" made up of live widgets.

The 10-inch tablet is likely to have the same features as the W500 and A500 tablets with a 1280x800 pixel screen resolution and should be available by the end of the year.

Acer also unveiled another tablet earlier this year, the Iconia A100, a smaller 7-inch Android tablet.

The W500 costs almost the same as the Acer Iconia A500 at around £450 and comes with twice the RAM as well as the ability to dock a keyboard. Both models also come with 3G functionality, 32GB SSD, HDMI, Dolby Mobile Sound, five-megapixel and a two-megapixel cameras, Wi-Fi and a microSD card reader.